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Our Process

At Bloc, we fully believe that your home is an extension of who you are. Whether its coming home after a long day of work, huddling in for one of our famous snowfalls or hosting a backyard barbecue, we feel that its a place that should feel comfortable and relaxing. If you're looking for landscaping or an exterior makeover, our team has the experience to help you to execute your vision.

Step 1: Consultation

Bloc not only designs and implements, but we also are more than happy to work with your already final design. When we start a project, our owner will meet with you to do an initial walk-through to see the site and gauge what your vision is.

Step 2: Estimate

After the initial meeting, while keeping your budget in mind, we will take the information home and draw out a plan of what was discussed so that we can gauge costs by item and get back to you with an outline and detailed bid.

Step 3: Contract

If the estimate is accepted we will draw up a contract for each party to sign and the project will be scheduled out.

Step 4: Begin Work

Each project will start with a team lead and a crew to carry out the vision. They will work on the job for the duration of the project to guarantee consistency and reliability. To ensure a smooth process, our team meets on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running on time. 

Step 5: Enjoy

After the team has completed your vision we will do a final walk-through to ensure that everything is up to the standard that you deserve. Once everything is signed off by all parties, you will be able to enjoy the new addition to your landscape.

How Can We Help?

Are you looking for a service to work with your already laid out design? Are you looking for someone to help you with the design process and not sure where to start? Let us know! We have a qualified and experienced team that can help you feel at home. Take a look at our previous work or drop us a line.




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