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Established in December of 2017, Bret Ludwick decided that he wanted to bring his love of landscaping, trees and plants to  the community of Northern Colorado. Dedicated to perfection and our craftsmanship, our team guarantees that you get your dream home. Family is a big part of what drives us and we're excited to have you be a part of it.


Bret Ludwick

Founder/ Landscape Designer

​​Growing up with his builder father, Bret has been around construction his entire life. In 2000 Bret started up and operated his own landscape company which continued for the majority of his professional career. In 2009 Bret graduated from CSU and decided to go into business with what he knew, a vast knowledge of plants and trees. If he isn’t working, or spending time with his family, you will find him on the golf course. 


Leah Ludwick

Designer/ Realtor

As a Colorado Native, Leah grew up with strong understanding in homes and design from her parents, a successful builder/interior decorator team. After graduating from CSU in 2009 with a degree in Sociology, she decided to pursue her passion in real estate. Bret and Leah married in 2010 and decided that they wanted to share their love of homes with the people of Northern Colorado. When she isn't helping clients, Leah enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.


Serafin Campos-Flores

Team Lead

Serafin Campos-Flores moved to Northern Colorado in 2000 where he fell in love with the land. In 2003, Serafin and Bret started working together with their shared love of landscaping. Each project you will see his skills on a tractor and his attention to detail is what sets him apart. When hes not working for Bloc, Serafin is a manager for a local soccer team and enjoys going to the park with his wife Jessica and their two sons.




Team Member

Jose, also know as "Chepè", has been a part of BLOC since day one. Bret and Orion quickly saw that Chepè" had a work ethic they've never seen before and hired him on the spot. While he still finds himself preferring a foot on a shovel he's a very fast learner and will work on everything from demo to construction to landscaping. When he's not working with the team he's showing his moves on the dance floor. 


Kyle Bundgaard

General Manager

Born and raised in Littleton, Kyle has recently returned to Colorado to be closer to nature. Similar to his sister, Leah, Kyle had an strong grasp of design from their parents. After graduating with a degree in Computer Animation, he made his way to San Diego and Toronto to work and lead teams of artists to create movies. In 2018 he moved back to "the best place on Earth" to be closer to nature and his family. When hes not working to help Bloc, he can be found with his fiance on the trail, camping in the mountains, or playing board games with friends.




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